One of the first impressions that a guest, or even a buyer, sees about your home is its exterior. An excellent first impression is crucial, especially if you are planning on selling your home. Curb appeal is incredibly important to get potential buyers in the door. While a run-down, peeling home can give the impression… Read More
Pool days, sunny afternoons, and high temperatures are here! Summer isn’t just about sunny vacations, school breaks, and warm and enjoyable weather. It’s also about refreshing your home to match the summer color trends of 2021. It’s time to refresh those drab colors and bring in something that reflects the excitement and positivity of summer… Read More
Like it or not, your workspace is where you will spend a large amount of your time. Whether your goal is to earn a living or pursue a hobby, a workspace should inspire you to produce high-quality products or services. Color is one of the most important elements in any space that is occupied for… Read More
While the jury is still out on some of their findings, they have determined that color does affect humans to some extent. So how does that work in your own kitchen space? Using color to influence mood is not anything new. There is an entire industry built around the psychology of color for restaurants. For… Read More
One of the FAQs we get from homeowners involved in an extensive room or home renovation is when during the process should they paint?  If you’re having flooring installed you don’t want to risk anything happening to your new floors, but what about the risk of having those freshly painted walls damaged in the process… Read More
2021 Paint Color Trends Neutral colors After an exhausting 2020, expect to see a return to glory for nostalgic, neutral colors. The return of neutrals signals a focus on comfort, healing,   wellness, and is representative of a lifestyle with a slower pace. Colors to look for include oatmeal hues, cerulean and Aegean blues, and earthy… Read More
With modern technology, paint manufacturers have added layers of protection to ensure that no matter the time of year and what the weather brings, your home can still be updated!   We are so confident in the technology being released that we have updated our standard warranty from 3 years to 5 years for ALL… Read More
With the air getting chilly people are looking to liven up their spaces with warmer autumn colors like beige, burgundy and wine shades, deep greens, jewel-toned blues, and yellows.  For color pairs, try using jewel tones like magenta with darker hues of gray for a bright pop of warmth. Any jewel tones will also pair… Read More
No matter what your reasoning is for painting your home, it is important to understand the temperature requirements of the paint you are using so the process runs smoothly. One common misunderstanding is that a home can be painted no matter what temperature it is outside and that can lead to potential problems. Before you… Read More
Did you know that we have quietly done the same with commercial projects as well? We understand that finding a reliable painting contractor for commercial projects can be tricky. It shouldn’t have to be! We are flexible with working hours, even working through the night in situations where customers/employees cannot be disturbed. Whether you’re considering… Read More