Your kitchen may be looking a little old and outdated and it may be time for a good facelift.

Planning a makeover can be time consuming and expensive when you consider the cost of remodeling. However, you can get a great makeover for your kitchen at a fraction of the cost. A well thought out paint scheme can transform your kitchen from blah to beautiful. With the right colors, you can create a totally different look.

Paint Covers More Than Walls

The fantastic thing about transforming your kitchen with paint is that you can paint just about every surface to give it a new look. If your appliances are still functioning well, the cabinets are in good shape, and countertops are holding up well, why go to the expense of replacing all these items when they can be painted instead? In fact, you’ll be surprised at the metamorphosis your kitchen can go through with an updated color scheme.

Pick Your Colors

Create the mood you want your kitchen to reflect by choosing an appropriate color. Bring sunshine and joy into the room with a cheerful yellow. Be aware yellow is also a color that has a tendency to irritate the eyes, so family members may spend less time there. Orange is another color that elicits a sense of joy and optimism. Your family may spend more time sitting around the table talking.

Red is also one of the warm colors. You’ll notice many restaurants have red tablecloths. That’s because this is a color that makes people want to eat more. The downside of red is it can also make people more irritable.

If your family has an issue with eating too much, you may want to consider going toward the blue hues. Apparently, blue is one of the least appetizing colors. People have a tendency to eat less and blue has been shown to suppress appetite. At least people will feel calm and serene while passing on seconds.

Neutral colors don’t seem to have much of an effect on eating habits. So painting your kitchen a soft grey, beige, or something in between may not shift anyone’s mood. What it will do is give you the creative space to use accent colors in curtains, tablecloths, and accessories to change the mood whenever you choose.

For a total look, consider painting the ceiling as well as the walls. It doesn’t have to be stark either. You can use a lighter contrasting color for your ceiling to bring the look together.

Give the Cabinetry a Facelift with Color

Are your cabinets in good shape, just looking a little old? Or maybe you simply want a different look. Those grey walls would look really nice with white cabinets. For the best paint job, you should consider spray painting them. Remove the doors and drawers to thoroughly paint the cabinet frames. Spray painting eliminates brushstrokes and drip marks on doors and drawers. Choose colors that complement the wall color. Imagine how much you’ll save by painting your cabinets rather them replacing them or refacing them.

Appliances Can Be Updated Also

If your appliances are in good shape but looking a little old, give them a fresh look with appliance paint. You can get this paint in the standard colors used for appliances. You can freshen up that dingy looking fridge with a new coat of white appliance paint or you can redo all your appliances in a different color. Choose from black, white, beige, or even chrome color.

You don’t have to worry about this paint chipping or peeling off either. These special paints are formulated to bond with the finish that’s already on there. Scuff marks and scrapes are gone after applying appliance paint.

What About the Floor?

You can give your floor a new look with a coat of paint, too. Do you have a tiled floor that’s looking tired? Paint over those tiles and re-grout them. A coat of polyurethane when it’s finished will keep your floor looking fresh for years to come.

Transformation in a Paint Can

Before you make plans to remodel your kitchen and break the bank, take a good hard look around and imagine what you could do with a little paint. Give your kitchen an entirely new look. Even old Formica countertops can be repainted to resemble granite, stone, or marble with specialty paint kits. A final coat of urethane protects your newly painted countertop from stains even better than before.

Nashville Painting Company has everything you need to transform your old kitchen into a newly updated showpiece. Call us to schedule a time for a consultation. Let us show you how paint can completely change the look of your space.