By now you have probably seen homes getting the light and bright makeover that transforms curb appeal and makes them the envy of the neighborhood. It’s the hottest trend in home exteriors called limewash.

Not only is it beautiful, but ROMABIO’s Classico Limewash is made to last and is low maintenance – every homeowner’s dream!


limewash - hottest trend - before and after


ROMABIO’s Classico Limewash is made from Dolomite lime from Northern Italy. This product can be used on brick or stone and comes in a wide range of colors. It is specially formulated for durability with little-to-no maintenance for decades allowing you to relax and enjoy the look of
your home.

Classico Limewash has been used in Europe for centuries and is much easier to apply than other paints and processes such as German Schmear. Another great benefit of this product is it is removable! The paint can be power washed off within 5 days of the initial application so you can test it to ensure you are getting your desired look. Are you ready to transform your home? Contact us today for your free in-home quote!