Repainting your house exterior is an intimidating yet worthwhile home improvement project. Not only does it brighten up your home, but it also improves its curb appeal and resale value.

However, since the scope of such a project is quite expansive, it is important to plan ahead and take some preparatory measures before you get started. Keep reading to learn more about them.

Top Exterior Paint Job Tips You Should Always Follow

Plan Your Project

Before you start choosing paint colors and looking for professional painting contractors, you need to understand the full scope of what exactly needs to be done. It is essential to know what areas need to get unpainted, the sections that need to be fixed, the total field area that needs to be painted, the painting material you will be using, and more.

If you’re unsure about the answers to these questions, talk to the Nashville Painting Company team and schedule a home visit with one of our professionals. They will listen to your needs, evaluate your home, help determine the extent of the project, and provide you with a quote.

Check for Lead

Lead paint was banned for residential use in 1978. So if your house was built before that, you should take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your neighbors from airborne lead particles. All professional painting contractors are obligated to follow EPA regulations for lead-safe practices.

If the lead paint test shows up positive, you need to take the following precautions to keep paint dust at bay:

  • Always Wear Masks and Tyvek Suits
  • Use Plastic Drop Clothes to Collect Scrappings
  • Clear the Area with a HEPA Vaccum
  • Get Rid of Waste Materials in an Approved Hazardous Material Site

Repair All Damages

Before you start painting the house, you need to look at any larger problems that might have a bearing on the exterior painting process. For instance, if you notice that the fascia, eves, or trim are crumbling and need repair, get started on them immediately before you begin painting.

Don’t Skip Necessary Prep Work

If the surface you’re painting is not clean or dry, the paint won’t adhere as well as it should. Flaking and peeling paint can also be a problem. You might have to scrape and sand before you start painting based on the existing siding and trim condition.

Start by washing the surfaces with a hose and scrub brush or a pressure washer. When using a pressure washer, you need to be careful that the high-pressure water spray doesn’t get into the joints between the siding or erode wooden surfaces.

When it comes to removing loose and flaking paint, you will need a scraper. You can then use a pad sander or random-orbit fitted with 80-grit sandpaper to smoothen the surface. You don’t have to remove all the paint—just flaky or loose paint. A putty knife and wood filler can be used to fill cracks and holes. After the filler dries, you will need to sand these surfaces again.

Finally, you need to brush off the dust, caulk the joints, and apply primer immediately after the caulk dries. Latex primer is perfect for when you’re painting over bare wood or existing latex paint. On the other hand, oil-based primer is your best bet when painting over multiple coats of oil-based paint.

Painting color samples and painting materials

Don’t Compromise on Painting Materials

Avoid trying to cut corners when purchasing paint, primer, and caulking compound. The better the quality of the paint, the longer it lasts. When choosing the type of paint, you need to go for one that’s thick and durable.

Latex and oil-based paint are the best options for exterior painting as they are water-resistant, long-lasting, and will ensure your home’s exterior retains its shine for years to come.

Latex paint can be applied easily, is quick to dry, and is resistant to direct sunlight and age. It is also comparatively low maintenance and can be cleaned with soap and water. You could consider acrylic latex, which is higher-quality latex paint. If your house already has oil-based paints, it is best to stick to the same as it is more durable than latex paint.

You also need to pay close attention when choosing the finish. Always remember that the higher the sheen, the more effective the paint is at blocking damaging sun rays. Though satin is a suitable option for shingles or clapboards, gloss paint can better protect high-traffic areas of the house, including window casings, porches, and doorframes.

Measure the house before buying paint, so you’ll know exactly how much you will need. Include windows and doors while measuring your home’s square footage because this will leave you with leftover paint. You can use this leftover paint to take care of railings, steps, porches, and other parts that were missed out from the initial calculations. It can also be used for touch-ups once the painting job is done.

Choose the Right Paint Color

Now that you’re house is prepped and ready to paint, your house exterior is your canvas, and you can choose the right paint colors to bring your dream home to life. However, you should check with the homeowner’s association to determine if there are colors you can’t use when painting your home.

While neutral colors are generally recommended for exteriors, a primary color with a deeper greyscale will give your home a certain flair. Warm, earthy, neutral colors and vibrant greens have recently become more popular among homeowners.

Ensure Proper Maintenance

After you’re done painting your home, there are several factors that influence the longevity of the paint job, including the weather and the quality of paint used. In addition, there are steps you can take to extend the life of a good paint job.


  • Remove Mold or Mildew
  • Take Care of Blisters and Peels before They Spread and Get Worse
  • Inspect the Caulk Every Year and Replace Missing or Cracked Caulk
  • Remove Stans from Nesting Birds and Pollen.


Painting a house by yourself can be time-consuming and physically exhausting. By hiring a professional painting contractor, like Nashville Painting Company, you can ensure the job gets done right and on time by experienced painters and trained foremen. Schedule a meeting with our team for a free in-home quote today!