If your rooms need a little color, or if they are begging for a makeover, a fresh coat of paint in a striking new color can make a huge difference. If you dread the idea of moving furniture, taping and sanding, and of course painting—why not leave it all to the professionals?

  • Walls -Prime, Paint.
  • Trim – Stain, Prime, Paint
  • Ceilings – Prime, Paint
  • Popcorn/Stipple Ceilings – Removal
  • RomaBio Masonry Painting – Solid coating, Limewash
  • Cabinets – Stain, Lacquer, Prime, Paint
  • Doors – Stain, Polyurethane, Varnish, Prime, Paint
  • Carpentry – Cabinets, Crown molding, Judges paneling, Baseboards, Door frames

Do you not see the type of service you are looking for? Not many things surprise us anymore. We have done many custom finishes on various surfaces, so don’t hesitate to ask! Who knows, that “crazy” vision you have may not be so crazy after all.