Businesses, in particular, have to make sure that they are including all foreseeable expenditures in their budget. For many, this may be a projected budget with room for possible expenditures in addition to known purchases that must be made in the coming months. Don’t overlook upgrading your business space with a fresh coat of paint. Budgeting for this expense can improve your bottom line.


Why Consider Painting?

When was the last time your walls had a fresh coat of paint? If it has been a while, take a look around and see what the years of wear and tear have done. You may not be aware of it, but customers notice and a tired worn out atmosphere can dampen your sales and service inadvertently. Dingy walls, chips, scuffs, and scratches may be sending a negative message to your customers. A fresh coat of paint can change that.


Choosing a suitable color and freshening up space with new paint can create a completely different atmosphere. Even your employees will feel more energized. A fresh coat of paint can be inspirational, particularly if you choose a color that adds energy to the space.


Colors Bring in the Green

Not everyone is aware of the fact that certain colors can add to the bottom line. Sales can be increased when you give your walls a fresh coat of paint in the right hue. People in marketing have been aware of the power color has over how people spend their money. Certain colors used judiciously have traditionally increased sales.


Scientifically there are still debates going on as to whether or not color actually has that much influence over the human psyche and if it does how much influence it has; however, even as the debate continues, people get results by using certain colors. Restaurants in particular use color to their advantage to get people to buy more and eat more. You can use this strategy also to help increase sales in your business.


Choosing the right colors can also boost productivity. Better productivity from employees adds more green to your bottom line. When you think about it, budgeting for new paint in the coming year may feel more like making an investment that yields good returns at the end of the year.


Colors Influence Emotions

Your chances of reaching the goals you set for your business can increase when you choose the right colors. Humans are affected by the colors they see. Understanding which colors influence the desired behaviors puts you in an advantageous position to maximize the productivity of those who work for you and the sales from those who purchase your products or services.


The majority of people like the color blue. It is the most accepted color universally and as such tends to put people at ease. The shared area of your building will elicit feelings of peace and calm if it is painted blue.


On the other hand, even though it is a cheerful color, yellow is not a favorite of most people. Those who like this color, tend to like it very much, but as far as the general public goes, yellow does not win many points.


You want your customers to realize they are getting substantial value for their money. Orange is a color that is associated with this trait. Many businesses have successfully incorporated orange into their color scheme as a way of signaling excellent value to the customer.


While white has always been associated with purity and goodness, when it comes to business, your customers may get bored easily. This could affect your sales if their mind wanders and they lose interest. Lack of stimulation may lead to a few missed opportunities which, over time can add up.


Spruce Up the Look, Boost Up the Sales

A business that looks old and tired with the same dull wall surfaces doesn’t get customers excited about spending their money on goods and services. Budgeting for a new paint job and choosing colors that will help you achieve your goals can help you get the financial results you are looking for.


In addition to bringing new interest to paying customers, your employees will appreciate it too. In fact, you may want to seriously consider repainting the employee lounge area a color that will inspire them. Drab white walls don’t do much to spark creativity or energy. Use color to your advantage and give your employees a psychological boost.


Giving the walls of your business or office a fresh coat of paint may well be the best little investment you’ve made for a long time. It will make the place look new and inviting. For an economical way to make a meaningful change in your business, budget for new paint. To make it easier for yourself, why not budget for professional contractors to do the work?


You can depend on the professionals at Nashville Painting Company to provide excellent service for all your painting needs. We will have your establishment looking brand new in no time. Contact us through our form or give us a call and set up a time for a consultation. We work to make sure our customers are completely satisfied with our work.