Considering conference rooms are often used to brainstorm and come up with creative ideas for your business, a dull background seems out of place. Refresh your conference room with energizing colors that reflect the innovation and style of your business.

Classic Conference Room

While you will still see many conference rooms with white walls and the staple wood table, the interior style of many businesses is changing. The use of color in office spaces to create a more welcoming and energetic space is becoming more common and with good reason. Businesses that want to explore new ideas and creative processes need an environment that reflects these goals. Adding colors that inspire energy and positivity help with creativity, including using color in your conference room design.

Elegance or Energy?

Before looking at color choices and options for refreshing your conference room, you need to decide what style you want to achieve for this important room. What transpires in this room and who is it designed to accommodate? A law firm handling serious legal matters with business clients in their conference room may want a different style than a young tech company striving to innovate an industry with fresh ideas. Both can use color but choosing the right color to convey the right mood or message is essential.

An elegant conference room can use deeper, subdued colors to create a calm and reassuring atmosphere. The right colors and scheme can modernize the room while still embracing traditional values. A conference room can look elegant without using outdated monotone white walls or dark wood accents.

When you want to exude confidence and creativity, choose bright and inspiring colors in your conference room. This is an opportunity to break with tradition and opt for a more youthful and energetic option. The right colors can convey a message to anyone that enters this room, you just need to decide what that message should be.

Psychology of Color

Colors impact the brain in different ways, influencing how you feel. This is due to associations the brain makes with color. In the business world, using what is known about color can help enhance performance and productivity, as well as brand your business. Using the right colors for your logo and marketing makes a difference, and it also matters in your office space and conference room.

When revamping your conference room with color, you need to determine what you want to achieve. Consider the energy or elegance factor, but also how you want people to feel when they are in this room. If you are a psychologist who uses your conference room to meet with grieving families, a calming, serene color scheme would make sense. For a brainstorming group of employees who need to be kept awake and inspired, stimulating colors are a better choice.

To find the best colors for your conference room, consider what is known about how each color group affects the brain.

  • Blue. Calm and wise, blue can help relax and reassure. It can create trust and loyalty, especially when deeper hues are used. If you use your conference room to have clients sign big contracts or consider large changes, exuding trust and confidence with blue can be helpful.
  • Red. Energy and urgency are associated with red, but so is anger and hostility. Red is powerful for creating passion, which is why it should be carefully used in a business setting. Conference rooms with red should be for making fast decisions, not for long or combative debates.
  • Green. Natural and stable, green can instill a peaceful setting for meetings that need to keep members on an even keel.
  • Yellow. Energy and exuberance, yellow embodies happiness and youth. A creative think tank can use yellow; it can also be used to show enthusiasm and innovation as a company.
  • Orange. Creative and encouraging, orange brings people together and creates a cohesive team atmosphere.
  • Purple. Regal and luxurious, purple can be used to impress, creating an independent and unusual space.

Within each color group, different hues can be used to create even more distinct moods. Knowing how to harness these colors for the right effect while still embodying the style and brand of your business is not easy. Consider a professional color consultation with one of our experts at Nashville Painting Company to find the right combination of colors for refreshing your conference room.

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