This is the perfect time of year to give your home a facelift by painting your porch

You don’t need to do a complete overhaul on the exterior paint in order to give your home a new look. Freshening up the exterior of your home can be as simple as painting your porch. We’ve provided some ideas below to get you started.

Get Ready for an Exciting Home Improvement Project

By painting your porch floor you can make your home look more inviting and give it a new look at the same time. This project will take some time, so plan your project knowing it may take a week or more to get to the end.

Unless you already know what you want your newly painted floor to look like, you will want to spend some time exploring possibilities. The internet is overflowing with ideas and you can always stop by Nashville Painting Company for guidance as well. You may want to consider the style of home you have or you may want to go off in a completely unique direction and try something unexpected with color, design, or both. The sky’s the limit when it comes to your choices.

Prep the floor, then get ready for the fun. No matter what type of floor you are working with, you can make your porch more interesting by painting. You may want to paint a full design or work with the flooring material and let it guide your project.

Painting a Solid Color

You can update the look of your porch with a solid color that compliments the style of your home. Neutral tones allow you to do a lot with accessories for adding color and interest. The space will never get old because you can always alter the look by changing your accessories and accent pieces like occasional tables, cushions, etc.

Geometric Designs

If your porch floor is made of wooden planks you can easily use them to help in measuring off your geometric designs. Painter’s tape is going to be your best friend for this project. If you need to tape over newly painted areas to complete your design, be sure to let the painted surface dry thoroughly, otherwise, when you remove the tape you may remove some of the paint as well.

Interesting geometric designs can include diamonds, squares, harlequin patterns, etc. Stripes can be of contrasting colors or shades. They can also be made more interesting by combining different widths. You can color block varying hues for a unique look.


You can easily make stencils out of cardboard or cardstock. Pre-made stencils are also available at craft stores and some paint or hardware stores. Tape down the stencil and carefully paint the open areas. Don’t be afraid to experiment with textures. Sponging color on with stencils can give an interesting effect. Depending on the size of the area you are working on, you may need a few stencils to make sure they hold up for the process.

Paint a Rug Design

For inspiration and a challenge, you can paint a rug design on your floor. When a rug is not advisable for an outdoor porch, you can still get that effect with paint. You can paint a small area, for example a door step rug, or if you’re ambitious do a larger area. You may choose to do just a section, for example a little sitting area, as opposed to the entire porch, or a runner down the length of the porch. Choose your colors wisely since this “rug” is going to be on the floor for a while.

Make Your Work Last

If you are going to the trouble of painting your porch, make sure your masterpiece has a long life. This is done by investing time in the prep. Be aware, depending on the design you use, prepping the porch floor for painting may take just as much time or even more than doing the actual painting.

The reason most paint jobs fail after a short period of time is due to poor prep work. You need to start with a clean surface. Power-washing your floor will remove all the dirt and grime and reveal areas that need repair. You may need to remove old paint if it’s chipping or peeling. Gouged out areas and holes need to be filled in for a smooth, finished look.

The area to be painted will most likely need sanding to make sure the paint will adhere properly. If you are painting over new wood, you will need to sand it before priming. To prevent bleed through staining of nail heads and tannins in the wood, get a good stain-blocking primer. Two coats may be needed to prevent staining. Get the proper paint and primer for the surface you plan to paint. Concrete floors will need a different type of primer than wooden floors.

The professionals at Nashville Painting Company can help you with any home painting project, indoors or out. From prep to the finished project, we use our expertise, excellent customer care, and integrity to make sure your painting project is completed to your specifications. Call us today for more information on how we can help you with your painting project.