However, painting brick for your interior and exterior is worth the effort, as the project can completely transform the appearance of your home.

At the Nashville Painting Company, we are always here to provide the tips on tools and techniques to achieve the best from your home projects. The following guidelines will cover painting brick for both interior and exterior.

Before you get started, you are going to need the right tools for the job. For painting brick interior, you will need drop cloths, a paint roller that is suited to textured finishes, safety gloves and goggles, steel wire brushes and a small paintbrush.

Painting Brick Interior

The materials that are required for your interior project should include a heavy-duty cleaner, latex heat resistant paint that is designed for interior paintwork, non-sudsy trisodium phosphate (TSP), latex primer (or oil-based primer for fireplace walls), and painter’s tape.

Painting brick surrounding a fireplace will need thorough cleaning before you begin painting to remove grime, grease, and soot. Wearing your goggles and gloves, add an application of TSP and begin scrubbing the brickwork to remove stubborn dirt. The walls will then need rinsed and left to dry for at least 24 hours. During your wait time, you can begin taping and securing your drop cloths.

After you have waited 24 hours, check that the brickwork is dry before moving onto the priming stage of the project. Apply your primer to all areas of the brickwork, using the roller – if you have trouble reaching corners, use a small brush to complete the task.

Wait until the primer is completely dry before adding paint to the walls. If you would like a warm reflection from your real fire, choose a semi-gloss or gloss paint. Both of these options are also easiest to keep clean. For a less impactful finish, a flat paint is a better option.

Avoid clumping by using a roller that is designed to handle rough surfaces, ensuring painting brick in the textured areas. If necessary, use your small brush to achieve a smoother finish.


Exterior walls should be absolutely spotless before you begin your project. Cleaning may require the use of a power washer, which will allow you to get into every nook and cranny. Remember to observe the rules of safety if you are using a ladder to clean hard to reach areas of your exterior walls. Do not begin to paint until you are sure the walls have dried, otherwise you will not achieve a quality finish.

When painting brick on exterior walls, it is important to seal between your bricks where you find any cracks. You can use acrylic caulk to fill mortar and prevent leaks. A latex primer should be used on your brickwork to help paint stick. Again, you will have to allow the primer to completely dry before attempting to paint your walls.

We recommend using a paint sprayer to cover larger areas of wall and achieve a more even finish. You can then use rollers and brushes to fill any smaller areas that are difficult to reach with the sprayer. Make sure to use rollers that are designed to handle rough or textured surfaces when painting outside, and smooth out any matted paint with brushes.
One of the main risks of painting brick exteriors is that paint is a lot more likely to end up where it wasn’t intended. You will need to cover your windows, doorways, decking and any other structures that you do not want to splash with paint.

Painting brickwork, whether interior or exterior, is tricky, due to the roughness of the surface. The more intricate the brickwork, the greater the challenge. Considering the cost of materials involved, you will want to get interior or exterior paintwork right the first time. There is also a risk of injury when using chemicals and tools, such as a ladder, to consider. If you are not confident that you can achieve the perfect finish or have concerns about safety, you may want to bring in the professionals.

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