Most people who work from home have to compromise in some way. However, if the place you work is not comfortable and vibrant, it’s hard to motivate yourself to get work done. A home office should look like the type of office that reflects the work that you do.

Enhancing the area you work in is a positive career move. You will feel so much better in a space with colors that are conducive to working. Contrary to popular belief, that does not mean dull and depressing colors. Paint is a great option for transforming your office as you can use it on walls, ceilings, certain types of furniture and equipment, and even the floor in many cases.

Color Choices for Your Home Office

Colors are a make or break situation when it comes to a home office – so choose carefully. You will want colors that are energetic. The idea is to evoke your creativity and help you embrace productivity in an enjoyable and comfortable space.

Orange is known for bringing out the best in people. You will feel like you have more enthusiasm for every task if you choose orange as your primary color. Sometimes “exciting” is not suitable for the work at hand; in which case, blue is a more relaxing color that doesn’t hamper productivity. You can also match your color to the general pattern of your home but make sure the colors aren’t too dark.

Color & Design

This is your office, so you can go all out or keep it minimalist. The work you do may dictate your furniture and equipment. That doesn’t mean you can’t shake things up with color coordination. Working to your budget, consider painting furniture such as cabinets in colors that brighten up space. Warm colors such as greens, blues, violets, and purples are ideal for opening up space and creating a soothing and relaxing workspace. Alternatively, you can opt white or even black for contrast if you are using a warm or bright primary color.

Think about the layout of your home office and choose colors accordingly. You can even use paint to create sections in your office. Distinctions between different areas of a room are more likely to promote productivity and help concentration. A bland room that is all one color will never spark a memory when you are standing in the middle of your office having forgotten why you are there. Seeing those sections all mapped out with paint will get you back on track in no time.

Creative Choices

One of the major problems people working from the home face is finding adequate space. If you have a closet that is big enough, it may serve you well as a workspace. You can repaint the closet so that it looks more like the type of space that is conducive to productivity. Garages are also a great place to find space to work. You can still paint your workspace so it stands out from the often-drab surroundings of a garage.

When choosing a space, make sure to choose a room that is quiet and offers comfort. While the garage is a great suggestion, it may get too hot or cold, depending on where it is located, insulated, and orientated. If you can’t make the space comfortable, it won’t make for a very pleasant home office. Loud noises, music, and conversations can all considerably disrupt your workday. So, either choosing the quietest space in your home or discuss rules with the family surrounding noise levels when you are working.

Family Study Room

A home office can double up as a family study room. Once you have painted your space and made it a place that is comfortable, start thinking about working hours. It is not healthy to spend the entire day in the office. Allowing your family to utilize the space will help you stick to set hours and provide a place for everyone to go when they have a project to work on or simply need a quiet space to relax for a while.

There are so many possibilities with a home office. You can have family meetings where you discuss rules and plan trips. It’s your space to use as you wish, but creating an inclusive space is something to think about to make the best use of your home office.

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