Tom gets out of whitewashing the fence by tricking his friends into thinking it’s a privilege to paint it. He even gets his friends to pay for the privilege. Your friends may be too savvy to fall for that Tom Sawyer trick.

Just like Tom Sawyer’s fence, when you limewash the brick on your home you will give it a brand new look while adding the element of protection.

An Old Standby

Basic limewash is hydrated lime mixed with water until a thick, paint consistency is achieved. This is what was used on the fence Tom Sawyer needed to paint for his aunt.

Though the story is fictional, limewash has been used for millennia for painting surfaces. From the temples in ancient Egypt to the castles and cottages of Europe, it is now making a comeback.

Many people have opted to limewash the brick over traditional paints ever since the Environmental Protection Agency announced those paints as one of the top five biohazards. Made from natural sources, there are good reasons why many people are choosing to limewash their bricks in addition to the beauty it provides.

Limewash is safe for people with allergies or ailments like asthma. Its high pH level keeps microorganisms from growing. This gives it a hypoallergenic quality, making it a good indoor alternative to regular indoor paints as well. It doesn’t contain the chemical contaminants of traditional paints so it’s a perfect alternative for people who are earth-friendly and want to maintain a low carbon footprint.

Low Maintenance, High Profile

Homemade limewash is easy enough to make for those on a budget, however, you can save a lot of time by purchasing it ready-made. You can also add natural earth dyes to limewash to give it a little color. The Old World look achieved by painting your brick with limewash is beautiful as well as long-lasting.

The absorbency qualities of limewash mean that peeling is not an issue. It penetrates deep into the surface. Flaking, cracking, and chipping are things of the past when you use limewash. When you apply this to your brick, it dries to a rock-solid calcified finish. It can last as long as twenty-five years with little or no maintenance.

A regular brick home can look nice and elegant, but limewash those bricks and you have a home with Old World charm that will set your home apart from all the others. A few years from now when your neighbors are scraping peeling, flaking paint, you will be able to sit back, relax, and spend your time doing something you really enjoy. Think of it, your toddler will be finished with college before you need to worry about doing maintenance on your limewashed brick.

Historically limewash has been used to protect brick and other porous surfaces like adobe bricks and clay from the elements. It protects against the ravages of wind, and rain while giving old, tired looking bricks a brand new appearance.

Home exterior after a limewash

Limewash, More or Less of a Good Thing for Brick

A thorough power wash should get the brick nice and clean and ready for the limewash. The brick needs to be damp before the limewash is applied. It can either be sprayed or brushed on with a masonry brush. Since the brick needs to be damp when the limewash is applied, the work is done in sections.

When you decide to limewash the brick it is preferably done at a time when the weather cooperates – not too hot, not too sunny, and not too windy. Ideally, you don’t want it to dry to fast.

Another perk of using limewash is that it remains removable for up to five days after application. This means you get to experiment with it, so you can achieve the exact look you want. Some people prefer the solid white look so the limewash is applied much the same as a coat of paint.

Others prefer the weathered look which can be achieved by removing some of it. You decide how much brick you want to show through the limewash to get that aged, weathered look. When you limewash the brick you can always add more if you take off too much.

Limewash is commercially available and you can get it in colors although the palette is limited to earth tones: browns, greys, beiges. This is because the colors used are also natural, coming from the earth. Limewash has a patina to it that ages well and the look itself is timeless.

For people who enjoy DIY projects, limewashing can be an enjoyable rewarding experience. You need to be sure to take proper precautions since lime is caustic. However, hiring professionals for the job will free up your time while providing you with a beautiful new finish for your home.

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