However, most homes have areas that can be difficult to reach, whether they are high ceilings or bathroom corners; making it more challenging during a painting project. Here are some tips to help you plan for those hard to reach areas and some places you may have forgotten will need painting.

High Ceilings

Tall or vaulted ceilings can be hard to reach when painting and do require a little climbing. Depending on the height, you may be able to paint some high ceilings without needing a ladder, if you add an extension tool to your roller. However, when painting ceilings, you want to use some precautions.

Tips to keep in mind for those hard to reach places:

  1. Do ceilings first. Always paint ceilings first. Any drips can be cleaned up later, but do your best to cover the floors, furniture, and yourself before beginning the high areas.
  2. Use less paint on your brush/roller. You may not be able to tape the adjoining walls or fixtures on vaulted or high ceilings. Use less paint on the roller or brush and take your time to avoid drips and getting paint on surfaces you want to avoid.
  3. Be safe. When using a ladder for painting ceilings, adhere to the safety rules. Have someone to hold your ladder and hand you paint as needed. Do not lean away from the ladder and keep three limbs on the ladder all the time. Never use the top of the ladder as a step.

Above Stairways

One of the most challenging areas to paint are the high walls and ceilings above stairways

It is unsafe to use a traditional ladder on a stairway, yet many homes have ceilings and walls that extended 10-12 feet or more above the staircase. The best option is to choose the same color for the ceiling and walls in these hard to reach areas so no cutting between colors will be needed. Extension tools for brushes and rollers can be used to reach the high areas, although it can be difficult to create an even, professional coat.

There are options for creating a ladder scaffolding above staircases with special equipment. These type of climbing surfaces needs to be secured and used with extreme caution. There is a much higher risk for injury and it may be best to leave these types of painting jobs to professionals that have the experience and equipment for painting these dangerous areas.

Tight Corners

There are some spots that are right in front of you, but hard to reach. Tight corners in kitchens, bathrooms, and utility rooms are common. There may not be enough space between a cabinet and the walls to easily get your brush in. Yet, those surfaces need to be painted. The same is true for behind and under toilets, and around other appliances.

For tight areas like behind the toilet tank or in crevices, use mini-rollers with thin extensions. There are many specialized tools for those hard to reach spots, even when there are only a few inches available. Patience is key; cover and tape the areas you can and take your time when working in close or tight quarters. Covering a toilet tank or other fixtures with a garbage bag or plastic is a good way to avoid getting paint on it, while still painting behind them.

Areas Not to Forget

On top of those out-of-reach areas, make sure you think about all the spots that may need paint. It is common for appliances or furniture to be painted around, then moved later to reveal a patch of walls that does not match.

Here are some spots you want to remember to paint:

  • Behind all appliances and furniture
  • Remove light switch and outlet covers and paint behind them
  • Behind the toilet tank
  • Exposed pipes
  • Door jams

It is better to make sure all the areas are painted, even if you do not think you will move anything around in your home. A year or two later, if you make changes and need to paint those areas, it can be difficult to match the paint as the surrounding walls may have faded.

Get the Job Done Right with a Painting Professionals

If you have vaulted ceilings or want different colors on high walls above staircases, it can be difficult to obtain the results you want without the right equipment or experience. Hiring a professional is worth the investment to ensure your safety and to avoid painting mistakes that will detract from the beauty of your home. Let our team at The Painting Company paint those difficult and hard-to-reach areas for you. Sit back and relax while we create a stunning new interior for your Nashville home.

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