Don’t become a victim of a poorly chosen color scheme for your company. Branding is an integral part of any successful business. Since the brand will be represented across numerous channels from email marketing to website design to physical stores to the logo itself, it’s imperative that the brand color scheme is thought about from every angle and incorporated as much as possible in an effort to bring value to your business.

Areas for Customers

Beyond print and digital footprints, it’s just as important to continue the established color scheme you’ve decided on throughout the areas of your business customers will be visiting in person. When they walk into a store or visit a lobby in an office building, it should feel like they’ve stepped into the world you’ve created. While it shouldn’t be overwhelming, the brand colors should be used in such a way that the customer feels welcome and comfortable. Whether you choose to use your logo as wall art or paint the walls the color of your logo as inspiration, the customer should instantly recognize your brand. For retail stores, the color should be used sparingly in hopes the products being sold are highlighted encouraging the customer to make a purchase.

Areas for Employees

While it is wise to focus on the customer to ensure the business succeeds, don’t forget to keep the employees in mind as well. Offices and work areas should promote productivity and encourage a positive environment. Bright colors don’t always lead to bright ideas. No one wants their employees working within walls that scream distractions or keep them from giving their all while on the clock. Leave elaborate color choices for common areas where it’s more likely to be appreciated when employees congregate between projects instead of in work areas where the focus should be on expanding the reach of your business.

Inside Out

Not only should the internal spaces your customers and employees frequently get all the attention, but the external surface of your business should be shown the same love and care and color of the inside. Since the actual brick and mortar locations will be seen from the outside first, it’s crucial to make a great first impression. After all, you’ll never get another chance to make that first impression again, so nail it the first time. Do so by catching the eye of your potential customer with the most dominant color of your branding color scheme.

Maybe you wish to give your building a new, fresh coat of paint as a blank canvas of sorts where you can then incorporate your brand colors in accent locations. Do you want to trim out your windows in a color from your brand’s color guide? Or would you get more of an impact from painting the doors the signature color of your business? Incorporating color by having the exterior surfaces of your building painted is both easy and effective. It’s not only beneficial for your customers and employees but also for the growth of the business.

The Power of Paint Proves There is Confidence in Color for Your Brand

A building that exudes confidence and is distinct from any other company ensures that customers will return time and again. The factor of being instantly recognized by incorporating your brand colors into the actual building that houses your products or services is invaluable as far as marketing is concerned. Think of the money you saved from your marketing and commercial budget by simply reaching out to us for your painting needs. Never underestimate the power of paint and the influence it can have in increasing the exposure of your business.

Color by Number

Researching the most used colors in your industry is encouraged. Depending upon the services offered and the customer base intended to reach, choosing the colors for your brand could be one of the most important decisions you make as a business owner followed by how you choose to incorporate them through paint both inside and outside of your building. Trends tend to fluctuate throughout the years and evolution is necessary for any business; continued research of the effects color choices have on your productivity should always be a priority.

If your business needs a color overhaul to remain competitive or to simply freshen up what once was there, reach out to Nashville Painting Company over the phone or online for an appointment to discuss the direction of your painting choices and how they relate to expanding your brand. Colors are our love language and we’d love to help your business expand its reach.