Pool days, sunny afternoons, and high temperatures are here!

Summer isn’t just about sunny vacations, school breaks, and warm and enjoyable weather. It’s also about refreshing your home to match the summer color trends of 2021. It’s time to refresh those drab colors and bring in something that reflects the excitement and positivity of summer by incorporating the top 4 summer 2021 color trends into your home today!

Let The Sunlight In

2021 represents a year of new beginnings, and after 2020 everyone is craving a bit of positivity and happiness, especially in our homes. According to the Pantone Color Institute, the official colors of 2021 are “Ultimate Grey” and “Illuminating.” Ultimate grey is a delicate deep grey color, and illuminating is a bright and comforting yellow.

Color psychology is the theory that specific colors can influence our mood and create associations in our brains. If this is to be believed, then the color trends of the year are right on point. Yellow can be attention-grabbing and inspire feelings of cheerfulness, warmth, and happiness. While ultimate grey is the opposite, inspiring feelings of calm and grounding, these colors together provide a juxtaposition that balances and assures while inspiring feelings of energy and warmth. These colors can enhance any bathroom or bedroom where yellow serves as the focal point with stylish highlights of grey or vice versa.

Paint Colors Like the 2021 Winners

Sitting on the Beach

Are you dreaming of sitting on the beach, enjoying the cool blue tones and calm of an ocean breeze? The beach doesn’t have to be too far off with the beach day’s summer color trend. Utilizing blue tones inspires feelings of tranquility, calm, and serenity. By combining blue tones with the light tan, sandy colors, a space can quickly turn into the ultimate beach getaway right in your home.

Beach Paint Colors

A Summer of Nature

Not one for a beach day? There are other summer color trends perfect for any interest. 2021 means a year of appreciating and getting closer to nature, taking hikes, and enjoying the great outdoors. Earthy tones can be the perfect way to breathe life into your home while remaining elegant and creating a space reminiscent of lush trees. Green inspires feelings of calm and serenity. Green, tan, and brown shades are often used in combination to create the ultimate natural Zen room.

Natural Color Trends to Use This Summer

Sunsets From Home

One of the most inspiring and exciting moments of summer is walking out to find a beautiful sunset made up of wonderfully colorful hues of pinks, oranges, and purples. These colors don’t just have to be far off within the sky, but also in your home! These colors can perfectly accent any room, bringing pops of color to any room reminiscent of the summer sky.

Pops of Color We Recommend:


Summer signifies sunshine, fun, and feelings of renewal, so why should your home be any different? By implementing these colors into your home, those happy feelings of summer can be year-round!

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