Tom gets out of whitewashing the fence by tricking his friends into thinking it’s a privilege to paint it. He even gets his friends to pay for the privilege. Your friends may be too savvy to fall for that trick, but when you limewash the brick on your home you will give it a brand… Read More
Basements have been traditionally underused spaces, probably second only to attics. Yet, this subterranean space can be made into a useful and enjoyable part of your home. If you are already using your basement, it may be time to consider a facelift for the area. You can do that easily with a fresh coat or two of paint. The question is, what colors will give you the look you want? … Read More
So, you are looking at your kitchen and thinking it could do with some major renovations. The question is: where is the money going to come from? Renovating a kitchen is a mammoth-sized project. If you don’t have the cash to get it done right, it is probably best not to do it at all. That doesn’t mean there aren’t solutions to your problem, though. … Read More
Do you work from home in a drab space that is uninspiring? Most people who work from home have to compromise in some way. However, if the place you work is not comfortable and vibrant, it’s hard to motivate yourself to get work done. A home office should look like the type of office that reflects the work that you do. … Read More
Painting your home’s exterior is a job that’s not to be taken lightly. You will need a large number of tools and materials to properly paint your home’s exterior. These materials are mostly available from a paint supplier. Make sure not to cut any corners with exterior paint, as it may cost you more than what you save in the long run. … Read More
Although shutters were traditionally used to gain privacy as well as to protect the inside of the home from cold and rainy weather, today shutters are primarily used as a decorative feature that gives your home better curb appeal and adds a dash of color to the neutral tones. Shutters were mostly made out of… Read More