Basements have been traditionally underused spaces, probably second only to attics. Yet, this subterranean space can be made into a useful and enjoyable part of your home. If you are already using your basement, it may be time to consider a facelift for the area.

You can can easily tune-up your basement with a fresh new coat of paint. The question is, what basement color scheme will give you that look you’re looking for?

Classic Elegance

If you are looking for a classic and elegant look, consider staying with neutral colors. Grey tones, beige or greige allow you to give the space virtually any personality you want while keeping the overall tone understated. These neutral colors create a pallet onto which you can splash texture and color through the accessories and furniture you use in the room.

Using lighter grey tones or going with beige or greige also adds light to the room without causing it to look sterile which can happen with a bright white. These neutral colors can bring out the natural beauty of the grain if you have natural wood trim or woodwork in the room. Your furnishings supply color and texture to make the room special.

Basement Color Scheme to Inspire

One of the colors closely connected to creativity is purple. Choose a lavender hue for a lighter, playful look or go bold with a deep plum. This shade will add elegance and sophistication to the room, and if your basement has good natural lighting, a dark tone can make the space look dramatic. A lighter shade may be more suitable for dark basements.

Lower Level Relaxation

Blue tones are noted for providing a calming ambiance. Use blue when you want to create a relaxing, calming space. Sky blue emits a feeling of freedom and peace. Soft neutral colors in accessories and furnishings accentuate the sense of calm. Accent with splashes of color to liven up the area and create an interesting contrast.

Get Energized

Warmer tones have a way of energizing people. Consider a bold red to create a space that inspires conversation and frivolity. A basement designed for family entertainment lends itself well to the energy emitted from red tones. Game rooms, playrooms, and spaces intended for fun and entertainment are perfect for this color.

Don’t be surprised if the games are played with more intensity and the participants have more fun. Red is known to bring out the competitive, energetic side of people and is reported to be the color that inspires fun.

Yellow is another color that creates energy. It brings in the feeling of cheery sunshine. Vivid yellow will warm basements with limited natural lighting making them feel bright and cheerful. Since many basements tend to be dark you can go with strong lemon color or deep gold. Choose a less intense shade of yellow for a basement with an abundance of natural light.

Bring the Outdoors In

Green is one of nature’s predominant colors. It is a color that is associated with good luck, tranquility, and health. People also get green with jealousy and they could do that when you paint your basement a beautiful shade of this color and accent the room with plants and accessories that create a feeling of an outdoorsy haven.

People tend to relax in rooms painted in this color. The best-known example is the green room used on television sets where guests wait before appearing before the camera. It is a color that is often used to promote healing and relieve stress. A green basement may be the perfect place to relax and decompress after a hectic day at the office.

Contrasting Trim Can Help Your Basement Color Scheme

When choosing a basement color scheme you will also want to consider what color you may want to use for the trim. Basic white can be used with just about any color. When used with the darker, bolder colors it may intensify the drama.

Keep in mind that even white comes in a wide variety of shades. Whites range from stark snow white to icy blue tones, crisp greens, and warm yellows as well as neutral beiges. Choose a tone that compliments your base paint.

White is not the only color that can be used for trim. You may find a contrasting or complementary color that livens up the room or tones it down. Certain combinations lend themselves nicely to interesting themes.

For example, you can create a Cape Cod feel for your basement by using blue as the wall color and white for the trim. Navy and white are perfect for a nautical theme. Green walls with a deeper green or brown trim are conducive to an outdoor, woodsy feel.

Make Space Your Own

Many people tend to lean toward the conservative side when it comes to painting rooms in the main areas of the home. The basement, however, is a space that can be used for experimentation or outright fun. Don’t be afraid to try something new in this area.

Here you can go off the beaten path and create a basement color scheme that will suit your whims and enhance your living environment.

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