Masonry Painting has quickly become one of the hottest trends in our industry. With both interior and exterior applications, the sky really is the limit! We only use the finest masonry paint available, ROMABIO. Limewashing, Solid coverage, or a mixture of the two, we’ve got you covered but today we are going to talk about Limewashing.

ROMABIO provided us with 5 reasons why you should use ROMABIO’s Classico Limewash on your brick home!

#1 It is made to last.

According to the company’s website, Romabio Classico Limewash is “made from Dolomite lime from Northern Italy. It is slaked, aged like a fine wine, then specially formulated for durability with little-to-no maintenance for decades. It will continue to patina giving you an authentic, natural look for your home.”

#2 It is low maintenance. 

Part of the reason modern homeowners love brick construction is its low maintenance. Romabio’s Classico Limewash is designed to continue that tradition. “Classico Limewash calcifies to the brick or stone for maximum durability,” said Pearce. “Unlike exterior paint, this limewash is highly permeable and breathable and will continue to patina over time, lasting decades without having to repaint or maintain the finish.

Due to the high pH of the paint, it is naturally mold-resistant and has a high UV and fade resistance, allowing the color to keep its depth and quality over time. Because it becomes just as hard as a rock, it allows moisture to evaporate and work naturally with the surface. It doesn’t peel, chip, or flake off or lose its color depth and essence. It will continue to patina based on the weather elements, and you can repaint or touch it up when you want.”

#3 It works for both exteriors and interiors.

“For interiors, consumers are using it on existing fireplaces and accent walls during the remodeling process,” Pearce said.  “Classico Limewash allows them to change the look of an existing fireplace without removing the current brick or stone face. An accent wall, kitchen backsplash, or even a thin veneer brick ceiling with an application of Classico Limewash will make a large statement with minimal effort for the DIY individual!”

#4 It comes in an amazing range of colors.

Romabio makes choosing the perfect shade of Limewash easy, starting with the Classico Collection. Seven tried and tested colors inspired by the product’s native Italian roots, reminiscent of ancient architecture. And with color-matching technologies, “color possibilities are almost unlimited,” Pearce said.

#5 It is removable 

One of the best parts of using Classico Limewash is the simplicity of its removal. “Homeowners have no stress in deciding about the color or look,” said Pearce. “This paint is designed to be power washed off in the first 5-days following application so you can test it as you want. Plus, it can easily be touched up because of its flat finish.”

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